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You can download a binary or the source for hkTreeView below. Please read the manual before contacting me if you have a problem, it will save us both time. This plugin requires HTML-Kit Build 290 or later.

This plugin is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or, at your option, any later version. It comes with NO WARRANTY and you use it entirely at your own risk.

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Status Details

Included below is a copy of a message I posted to the plugins newsgroup. It explains the current status of the parser and plugin.

Hi everyone,

I've finally uploaded the tree view plugin. For those of you that don't
know, this plugin can display HTML and XML documents in a 'tree' layout
(like in Amaya). I class it as version 0.9, so paranoid people may be
better waiting for version 1.0 :)

Screenshots, manual and so on:

Project page for quick downloads, forums, mailing list:

Just so that you all know: THIS PLUGIN NEEDS BUILD 290 OR LATER. Now
comes the obscure stuff :)

It's currently in version 0.9 for the following reasons:

* The parser is far from perfect. There are a number of things listed
below that I know it can't handle, and there are probably other things
as well. If the parser does get confused it won't crash (I hope) -- it
will either display a very weird tree or give an error message and give

* The tree doesn't wordwrap, so long text goes off the edge of the
screen. That's a fairly easy thing for me to add and that will be done
shortly (before v1.0).

* The few icons that there are are awful. I had an email from Gary about
that, so hopefully you won't be stuck with my limited skills for long.
Otherwise I'll put up a request for a graphic designer.

I haven't had any reports from my tester of it crashing and I believe it
is stable, although it isn't perfect in the way it does things. I
haven't been able to test it on WinNT / 2000, so anyone who can please
let me know.

Things the parser definitely can't handle at the moment:

* Nonexpanded boolean attributes -- this is easy for me to fix and isn't
there only because I forgot about them...

* XML DTDs inside a document won't be parsed correctly. This will also
be in version 1.0.

* Incorrect nesting and missing out optional close tags sometimes messes
up the nesting -- this will be more complicated to get working I think.
The plugin doesn't handle stuff out of WYSIWYG editors particularly well
for that reason.

If anyone is linking to the project, please link to either the website
or the project page rather than to file releases directly. I'll be
updating this regularly, and this is the easiest way of making sure
everyone gets the latest version.

I don't recommend using anything in the source until version 1.0 -- the
source is a mess and isn't documented...

Anyway, it's not perfect. I really need feedback from anyone who uses it
-- if something doesn't work and I haven't listed it above, please
please please let me know. The best option is the forums on the project
page, although email ( or this newsgroup are
also fine. I want to get everything entirely functional for version 1.0,
so please help me.

Hope I don't kill anyone with the icons...


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