HTML-Kit Tree View Plugin

What is hkTreeView?

hkTreeView is a plugin (a program which becomes part of another one which provides more functionality) for HTML-Kit which can display HTML and XML documents in a hierarchical or 'tree' layout. For database-style XML documents this allows clear browsing without the bother of writing a stylesheet or display program. For HTML and document-style XML it allows authors to get a quick overview of the document's structure and content.

hkTreeView is completely free (although if you want to pay me feel free drop me an email and I'll be more than happy to take any excess cash off your hands :) ) and source code (Delphi 5) is available under the GNU General Public License. I would prefer it if people linked to this page ( if possible rather than making their own copies because I intend to update regularly and it's best if everyone gets the latest version.

Status and Version History

hkTreeView is currently at version 0.9. It is stable and I haven't had any reports of it crashing (it even survived my 20MByte XML file taken straight out of a big database). However, the parser is not yet perfect and probably can't handle everything correctly, so you may find it displays documents strangely or reports an error where none exists, particularly with code from certain WYSIWYG editors which do not generate clean HTML (*cough* Claris HomePage *cough*).

This plugin is now out of beta status and unless you're really paranoid I class it as safe to use (but that doesn't mean you can sue me if it does break...). If you find anything it parses incorrectly please let me know (email or through the plugins newsgroup) and I'll do my best to fix it. There are several things which are known to be unsupported -- a full list appeares on the download page.

For the seriously paranoid, version 1.0 will be released once the parser seems to work completely. Not that it makes much difference, but some people don't seem to like 0.x releases for some reason...

What To Do

If you decide you want to use this plugin, installation instructions are in the manual or just use your common sense. The plugin and source are here. If you're not sure if it's worth the download then you could take a look at the screenshots.

Future Plans

Lots of stuff. Persuade someone to do some decent icons. Make the parser smarter. Something to generate a table of contents. Customisable layouts. Anything else I think of. Get that table editor I've been working on for years finished.

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